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Hi there, we are here!  But hold your horses, before we proceed to explain why is the best, let us explain what is a Virtual Assistant to the novice amongst you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed, highly skilled professional who can offer business support remotely from their office.  The Virtual assistant can help small business owners, executive directors and even families to organize their work/life, free up their time and free up their lives.

Why are Virtual Assistant different from an office based Assistant?

The Virtual Assistant is self-employed and covers their own taxes, cost of office, expenses and equipment.  They work on either a short term basis, projects or a longer term retainer.  Flexibility is the main benefit, as the customer only books and pays for the time of support required.  A Virtual Assistant also saves you money on income tax, national insurance, employee benefits, pensions, holiday or sick pay.

What services does a Virtual Assistant provide?

The answer depends on the skill set of the Virtual Assistant, but as a general rule, there is secretarial support maintaining diary, email management.

At we also offer the following skills:

Admin & Organising

We can help you with business & personal tasks such as:

Manage your email and diary schedule

Check & respond to emails

Data entry

Book accommodation & travel


Audio Typing, transcription



Business success depends on good research and we can help you with:

Research your competitors

Find product or services

Research potential customer

Find the people you can contact

Find facts & figures



Our proactive and entrepreneurial team can also help you sell, such as:

We can find people you can sell to


Research leads & prospects

Source prospect data

Update lead & prospect records

Don't forget to look after your current customers - we can call them to make appointment for you

Input orders and create invoices



We can update your Facebook/Twitter or write blog post and also:

Write your tweets

Create email campaign

Create marketing & sales material

Update your website, can be wordpress or other platform              



Let us write your tweets, your letter and also:

Proof read your website

Write articles and quality blog posts

We can write quality content for your website

Write post for Twitter & Facebook, LinkedIn and any others you need


Why do people hire Virtual Assistants?

Some owners of small but growing businesses are just not ready to hire a full time assistant, as they don’t have the budget for this, or don’t have an office as well.  The owner needs help, as business is growing fast, so where to find that extra pair of hands, and in our case an extra brain?!  A quality Executive Virtual Assistant can work remotely to help the owner with many task, such as raising invoices and sending to his clients, chasing payment. They can manage the social media accounts for the owner.  So in one person, the owner has an assistant who can market as well as chase payment, leaving him or her to win more business and increase profit.  The owner also can enjoy the flexibility of buying hours needed, rather than having to hire someone full time and hoping that they will turn up to work on time or do the work at all!  Virtual Assistants don’t spend time gossiping by the water cooler, they get on and work for the owners with efficiency and a can do attitude. offers such a wide range of services but all with a can-do, entrepreneurial attitude.  For example, we are helping a new entrepreneur research potential clients, and create a small, professional website for him.  Another example, is how we are supporting a senior executive maintain his diary, emails and type of letters for him.  These clients doesn’t need a Mon-Fri 9-5pm person, they just need a few hours per week. 

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant takes away your boring/dull but necessary tasks

A Virtual Assistant increase your productivity by freeing up your time, and your life!

A Virtual Assistant is cost effective, saving you office cost, equipments, taxes, sick pay etc

A Virtual Assistant offers flexibility of work and pricing, and allows you to buy business support when you need

It’s a Virtuous (get the pun?) circle really.  You get the service, as and when you need, no long term commitment. 

Wow, so where can I find an entrepreneurial, can-do Virtual Assistant?

Hi there! We are here! If you need any help, give us a call. Our team at Kudos PA offers virtual assistance in secretarial services, administration, marketing, blogging, research and so much more.  We love business, and want to support you to be an entrepreneur!  Give us a call if you need any help or just want to chat on 07875108255.


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