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Kudos pA's dedicated approach

Kudos PA understands your business exists because of your passion and commitment to its growth.  Our team want to help you achieve your business and personal goals.  

As a very busy person, you can delegate your to-do list to your own dedicated virtual assistant.  This is far more cost effective than a full time executive assistant.  Our trusted assistants are highly trained, educated and come with business experience - some are also entrepreneurs, so do understand your needs and concerns.  

Our team at Kudos PA have over 15 years experience of admin, marketing, sales and writing - all at your service when you need it!  See how we have helped clients>>

Our team

Binh Zientek - Executive Assistant/Business Support

Binh is passionate about entrepreneurship and wants to support your business growth.  She has enjoyed a varied career with experience in admin, events, marketing, sales, telemarketing.  She is also an entrepreneur who understands the needs of business people to succeed and grow profit.  She has worked in the hospitality industry, telemarketing and serviced apartment world and understands about the importance of quality service to clients.

Lisa Taylor - Executive Assistant/Business Support

Lisa has worked extensively throughout the world as a senior assistant to high flying business people.  She specializes in social media marketing and loves new technology, she is our go to tech-geek!  Lisa loves travelling to new exotic places, trying out new food, the more bizarre the better.



Juliana Lloyd - Executive Assistant/Business Support

Juliana offers extensive experience in events management, administration and enjoys organizing other people! She has previously worked as an Executive assistant in the hospitality industry and understand the 'can-do' attitude required.  Juliana is a film buff, especially old Hollywood films.



Marcin Zientek - Business Manager

Marcin is an entrepreneur at heart, and has been running a business for many years in the finance industry.  He also manages and oversee the Kudos PA company, and keeps us all on the straight and narrow with his strategic insight and practical help.  Marcin loves business and is passionate about creating value for any business. 


Free your time. Free your Life. Increase profit!   Contact our friendly team at Kudos PA for immediate dedicated support.  Call +44 (0)7875108255 or email is  For a FREE consultation book a callback Now!