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You have been running your business for a while, and loving the adrenaline rush, the feeling of being the master of your own life.  But you are now feeling more and more tired (even exhausted) trying to be the managing director and customer service all rolled into one.  We have seen this problem, time and again, a CEO or business owner loves running their business and is very hands on, then gradually feels very overwhelmed by it all.  There are only so many hours in the day, and everyone has to eat and sleep sometime! 

Our team at work with many different business owners and have brainstormed 5 top productivity tips for our budding entrepreneurs. 

1.    Plan, plan, plan

It is really important to plan your day, and it is best to do so each evening.  Write all the things you wish to achieve daily on a to-do list. Planning in the evening will allow you to reflect on which tasks you have achieved/completed during the day, and what needs to be done the following day.  Planning outside of work hours also helps you to think straight and in a calm atmosphere.  If you do this daily, you will find yourself more focused and organized and be able to achieve so much more!

2.    Prioritise – not everything is important

So you have now written your to-do list daily, but it looks so long and daunting, you wish you hadn’t bothered!  Keep calm, because the next step is to prioritise those tasks.  Go through your list daily and decide which task must be done today as it is urgent or just very important, then you can ring around it or use a coloured highlighter to really bring it to your attention.  There is nothing like a bright green highlighter to draw your attention to the to-do list!  Then during that day, focus on completing only those specific tasks.  Even if you have distractions, keep checking back to your to-do list to regain your focus.  If you don’t complete all highlighted tasks that day, don’t worry, you can move it forward to the following day.

3.    Delegate

If you are planning to expand your business, you will need to improve your delegation skills.  It is hard, especially if you are a really hands on business owner and think only you can do the job really well.  You are only 1 person, with two hands, so you need to build up a reliable team, whether in-house or outsourced and trust them to get on with their job.  You need to lead your team from the front, so relay your strategy and plan, and then hand over. 

4.    Set up systems

As you expand your business, going from 1 person band to a team, you need to also set up systems and procedures.  This means if 1 person is not available, another person in the team can take over straight away because there are systems in place.  For example, for your customer service you can create guidelines on how to answer the telephone, email or social media, so your team can follow the guide. This will ensure everybody is singing the same tune and the customer enjoys consistent service.  Also use technology to increase collaboration and productivity within your team.  For example, using Google for diary and drive will help your team to all share documents, events and make changes on the same platform. 

5.    Enjoy some breaks

All work and no play is not very good for your health and creativity.  As the leader of your business, you need to be physically and mentally alert, be able to make good decisions, and even be creative.  Have a break throughout the day away from work and enjoy a coffee or go for a walk.  In the evening, switch off from work and let yourself relax.  Some of the best ideas occur when you are not even thinking about work.  To be creative, your mind must be allowed to rest, recuperate and play.  Remember why you decided to be an entrepreneur? It is about fun and enjoyment as well.  So don’t let it become a grind.  Celebrate your successes and make it fun and enjoyable as well.

If you need any help increase your productivity, give us a call. Our team at Kudos PA offers virtual assistance in secretarial services, administration, marketing, blogging, research, invoicing and so much more.  We love business, and want to support you to be an entrepreneur!  Give us a call if you need any help or just want to chat on 07875108255.


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