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From our experience of supporting small and medium sized businesses, some of our clients describe writing blogs as definitely a painful chore for them.  They said that they are entrepreneurs, not writers!

But it doesn’t have to be this way at all, if blogging can be seen as a powerful tool to communicate with customers and strengthen company brand.  It can also be fun, and a unique opportunity for a company to showcase behind the scenes work or more about themselves, which cannot be displayed on their corporate website.

A well written and interesting blog can capture potential customers, educate them about your service, or entertain them.  People buy from people at the end of the day, and if your reader likes you and your company, then they will buy from you.

This week, we’re looking at the importance of blogging, and how it benefits your business, as well as the dos and don’ts for successful blogging.

Blogging is Fun – are you joking?

Blogging can seem daunting, but it’s really not.  It is an opportunity for your company to shine, and show the real ‘people’ behind the corporate logo.  It allows your customers or potential customers to connect with you on an emotional level and may I dare say, ‘like’ your company.  People make emotional decisions, and if they like your company, your product and trust you, then they are much more likely to buy from you.

Above all, blogging can be really fun: it’s your platform to produce quality content that people will enjoy and share, and if you’re doing it right, you’ll be helping people at the same time.

Blogging can also educate people.  They may not know that much about how your product is made, or where the components come from, so in a blog you can explain so much more about this.  For example, one of our clients is a gourmet food manufacturing company, and we write blogs for them showing where one of their ingredients comes from, the careful consideration taken when they are sourcing ingredients.  This helps the reader/customer to learn something about what they are buying and the hard work behind the scene to make it for them.

Also, a blog is an ideal destination for a company’s social networking campaigns.  Readers may enjoy your 140 characters tweets or your snappy Facebook posts but linking it back to a longer interesting blog post can help you come across more eloquently.

Writing great blogs is also your chance to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.  You can become a voice of authority and inspiration. The more you build up this reputation, the more it reflects on your company.

Blogging is good for your business – but you don’t have time?

A well-written, well looked after blog shows clients that your business is authentic and can be trusted.  They can see that you have real knowledge, opinions and a voice. Maintaining your blog will increase your authentic voice and your clients can trust you more.

You can also use your blog to create a relationship with your customers, which goes beyond the corporate speak.  For example, a start-up new company can write blogs about the progress of setting up their business, so pictures and details of the store decoration, or the before launch last touches.  You will be able to engage with clients at a more intimate level straight away, listen to their feedback and gain loyal followers.  A blog is also a great place to release any press releases about your company. 

The old adage of content is king is still true if you are looking at increasing web traffic to your website.  Search engines love quality content, and if you can write quality, unique blogs regularly (no, it doesn’t have to be every day!) you should see your website rise in the ranks.  The increase visibility will then introduce your company to a whole new audience.  A virtuous circle really!      

Blogging is great – but it can easily go wrong, so we’ve compiled some of the more important dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of before you start!

Don’t do any of the below...

  • Don’t make your blog all about your company, or constantly about self-promotion.  Readers will switch off and go read somewhere else.  Write for your audience/customers as they are the readers. Don’t just write for your company or for search engines.  Remember, people buy from people!
  • Don’t hire a writer who doesn’t understand your tone and style
  • Plagiarize other blogs because this looks bad and search engines will know it’s not unique content
  • If you are not confident with writing, please either practice or don’t write badly.  It’s best to let someone who can write do it for you
  • Make sure you check your blog thoroughly for spelling mistakes before you publish
  • Please don’t use the blog to criticize your competitors or write about anything controversial and likely to offend someone.   This is very unprofessional or worse open yourself to legal action.


Do the following and you will be in blog heaven!

  • Create unique content and use your own voice with personality
  • Make sure though that the voice is in line with your brand
  • Write the blog in a conversational style, as you are trying to encourage a dialogue with the reader and not a one way advert for your company
  • Promote your blog by linking to it on your social network sites, and make sure it’s in an obvious place on your website
  • Get involved with the blogging community: comment on other blogs, find similar people to you, invite people to write for you
  • Update regularly.  You can brainstorm ideas for blogs, and schedule them in a blog planner.  Then write and post regularly! This will help attract new readers and keep the regular readers happy
  • You can also link to other useful sites, so help your reader.  It doesn’t always have to be about you
  • Use images, videos as well as prose to vary the blogs.  Poetry as well, if that is relevant to your brand!

Well dear reader, we hope you have found some tips from our blog about blogging!  You are now, no doubt, ready to make blogging a really enjoyable and fun part of your day.  If you have any more ideas about blogging do tell us.   

If you need any help with planning and writing your blogs and articles, give us a call. Our team at Kudos PA offers virtual assistance in secretarial services, administration, marketing, blogging, research, invoicing and so much more.  We love business, and want to support you to be an entrepreneur!  Give us a call if you need any help or just want to chat on 07875108255.


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